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Originally Posted by TunedIn View Post
I'll be ordering a 535i at either the end of the month or the beginning of July. I've been told by several local BMW dealers that ordering info for the 2012's will be announced by month-end and I'm waiting to see if there'll be any new colors available. I'm hoping that with the introduction of the M5, they might add a new blue that'll be exclusive to the M Sport option: Le Mans Blue or possibly Monte Carlo Blue (expected for the M5, although doubtful on the M Sport).

With the E60 5 series, you could order the M Sport package with Deep Sea Blue, which to my eye looks great. With the current 3-series, they ADDED an exclusive color choice - Le Mans Blue - that's ONLY available with the M Sport option.

So what'd they do on the F10 5's ? Not only isn't there a unique blue like on the 3's, but they won't allow a DSB car to have M Sport. Yes, I know that there's always Imperial Blue with M Sport as an option, but it's too dark. And trust me, I know my BMW Blues (I owned an '01 E38 740i with Sport Package in Steel Blue, my wife drives an '08 E65 750i with Sport Package in Monaco Blue, same color as my daughter's '08 335i, my '05 K1200S is Indigo Blue and Alpine White, etc.).

I even looked into special ordering a 2011 M Sport in DSB, but was told it would cost an extra $5,500. I might be willing to cough up an extra $2,500-$3,000 for this sweet combination, but even I realize it would be bone-headed to spend $5.5K just for a different color blue.

Okay, I guess I'm done venting, but I'm wondering if anyone knows why BMW doesn't allow this combo.
I have exactly the same problem. I want to order a DSB/Oyster-Black 550i M-Sport. I am waiting for a Sept build 2012 though so have a small hope things will change.

Couple of questions:

1) Did you get your dealer to check with BMWNA if they can push through the DSB without additional charge since it is a build-to-order car and DSB is not a premium color? I remember they did that for me once when I was bought a E46 330Cic.

2) What did you do in the end?