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Don't know what to do

BTW, in looking at MANY 2011 535's and 550's, I've decided that without question 1) Imperial Blue is absolutely too dark for me, so I will not be ordering the car in this color; 2) I absolutely want my car to have the M-Sport package, in order to get those gorgeous wheels and the more aggressive body trim (including the subtly-wider lower side trim molding); 3) The only color that appeals to me is Deep Sea Blue. Yes, I realize I'm being quite picky, but hey, car color obviously matters to all of us, which is why there are usually so many choices. Check out Porsche, or Audi for that matter!

Thus, as it stands now, unless BMW offers some new colors for 2012 or allows me to configure a 2012 DSB car with the M-Sport package, my only option appears to be to pay $5,500 for a special order color (in which case I'm going to order Le Mans Blue for a totally unique car), or to... buy something else ? I love the MB E350 in Quartz Blue, but it's obviously not the car the F10 is...

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