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Originally Posted by TunedIn View Post
How'd you get to drive the Z4 35is, at a dealer or a friend's ? Since you enjoy driving manuals like I do, was it tough for you as well to decide that your F10 is going to be an automatic, when the car is one of the only luxury sport sedans on the market even available with a stick ?
I love manuals, but it wasn't a tough choice at all. My previous car was a manual and for day to day driving it was a pain. Nothing worse than a manual when you're sitting in 40 minutes of traffic on a causeway. Manual to me belongs in a fun weekend car like an Ariel Atom or your Z3. Not in a daily driver. Plus the sport auto is fun - gives a video game feeling to the shifts - which I do enjoy from time to time.

Originally Posted by TunedIn View Post
Yes, I could certainly keep my Z3 when I buy the 535i, and I'm leaning that way. I bought it for an absolute steal of a price from a neighbor who was the original owner, but had been keeping it parked on the street under a car cover for more than a year without driving it once. I bought it for $4,000 (!), put another $2,500 into it (new convertible top, $500 Vanos oil line repair and new oil filter housing gasket, seat-rail repair to prevent movement, some ding removal, repainted the bumper, engine detail, antenna repair, new steering wheel, etc. - but now it's in great shape, and it runs smooth and strong).
At that price point I would keep it if I was you.

Originally Posted by TunedIn View Post
By the way, today I saw three F10's on the road: Dark Graphite, Black Sapphire, and Jet Black. I've come to the realization that 95% of all F10's on the road look boring. In fact, I have NEVER seen a single Deep Sea Blue F10 in person, either on the road or even at a dealer ! (I've seen pictures online of course). The more I think about, the more I'm leaning towards paying the damn $5,500 for Le Mans Blue just to add some excitement out there. Sad.
I do agree with you. Jeremy Clarkson once made fun of BMW, showing an aerial shot of their distribution center in the UK. He pointed out that their cars are a sea of gray and blacks. How dull. Then he pulled out the brochure for the 7 series and pointed out the have several shades of black, several shades of gray, 1 shade of blue (there is another blue but it looks black), and white. He called it Monochrome.

I'm now leaning to switching from Imperial Blue to Space Gray. Imperial Blue doesn't look good from a distance, or on overcast days. Only looks good in bright direct sunlight. Space Gray seems at least sporty, and the color compliments the shadow line trim nicely.