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Originally Posted by batman75 View Post
I do agree with you. Jeremy Clarkson once made fun of BMW, showing an aerial shot of their distribution center in the UK. He pointed out that their cars are a sea of gray and blacks. How dull. Then he pulled out the brochure for the 7 series and pointed out the have several shades of black, several shades of gray, 1 shade of blue (there is another blue but it looks black), and white. He called it Monochrome.

I'm now leaning to switching from Imperial Blue to Space Gray. Imperial Blue doesn't look good from a distance, or on overcast days. Only looks good in bright direct sunlight. Space Gray seems at least sporty, and the color compliments the shadow line trim nicely.
I'm always amazed how BMW sales brochures prominently feature blue cars, oftentimes on the cover (see the 745, 750, and 5-series brochures), while so few customers actually buy blue BMW's. BTW, I think you're being generous in calling Space Grey a "color" ! It's just another shade of B & W.