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Originally Posted by SomeRandomer123 View Post
Sorry man but its ghastly!! It may be a good car but the hideous exterior ends it there for me. Enjoy it though The 30d is a top engine and the interior is lovely.
Obviously I can't agree otherwise I wouldn't have ordered one. I know there are lots of people on this forum saying they hate the looks of the GT (except those that have bought one!), but beauty is in the eye of the beholder - this is just as subjective with cars as it is with what we find attractive in the opposite sex.

But as forums are supposed to allow debate - for the sake of healthy debate, what exactly do you find 'ghastly' and 'hideous' about the looks of the GT? I think they're very strong words, so can you back them up with some explanation or reasoning?

It also depends what you're comparing it to, and in terms of actually choosing a car to buy you have to consider what other choices or options are available.

Using my previous analogy - when I met my beautiful wife-to-be 20+ years ago, would I have made the same choice if Claudia Schiffer/Cindy Crawford had been standing there as a realistic alternative? I won't give an answer but the point is they weren't.

Would I choose the GT over, or do I think it's better looking than, a Ferrari or Lamborghini - it's an irrelevant question in terms of me actually buying a car.

After 3 years in my previous E61 Touring I wasn't looking at anything other than BMW; I need a car with reasonable boot space, but more important, a large enough boot door for push chair/family stuff; the car is for work doing 25-30k miles a year around the country and has to be a diesel; I am 6'5" tall and am not slim, so I need a car with some interior room/head room and enough rear legroom for a 4th passenger when I have my seat fully back. I couldn't afford an X5 or 7er, both of which might have done the job, so what else could I have bought that would have been more attractive in your view? I definitely prefer the looks of the GT over the new 5er Touring which would have been the only other option, and the GT has a lot more room, luxury and I like that there aren't many around as well.

Getting back to the looks - I can't see what people find so ugly about the GT - can anyone please explain?
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