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Okay fair points so I will explain. It looks like a hearse. From the side, it looks like a knackered old man whose posture is more "hump back." At the front, the grills are too big and far forwards whilst the lights are too small and far back. The bonnet is flat and lifeless like the E90 3er pre-LCI and the current 7er. The rear is just odd and the whole car just seems our of proportion and for the money, the wheels are average. It also weighs too much and really is the "fat munter" of the BMW range. I can recognize however that this is a good car. The interior is great, the engine is ace and the handling is typical BMW.
BMW however have built a car for a market that barely exists. You are one of the very few as most others will go for the F10 or F11 if they need extra room. Those 2 are handsome things and because they weigh less, they go, turn and stop better than the GT as well as being more efficient. Enjoy your car anyway, its still a good car just wrapped in a scary body!

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