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DIY Oil Change F10 5-series (N55 motor)

I hope I am posting this correctly: the subject in the title is by Gatoman.
A very good, helpful, and clear DIY instruction. Please, I have a question:
This DIY showed the floor jack positioned at the jack point (just behind the front wheels; there is a plastic insert at the jack point). I have a 335ixdrive 2011 4dr. The picture showed also a jack stand in position.
Please, My question: Is the picture/procedure showing the floor jack raising the side at the designated jack point, and then the floor jack positioned away from the designated jack point (because the floor jack is using this location; cannot now remove the floor jack AND swap in the jack stand). The picture shows the jack stand positioned between the front wheel and the floor jack point.
I am thinking of doing this. I also have two floor jacks (the original 2ton Lincoln; made in USA; and a 2ton Compac; made in Denmark). I will chock the rear tires, engage the hand brake. Use each floor jack on front sides, at the designated jack points. I and another person will simultaneously raise the front (using both floor jacks; note: the floor jack points are both used up now). The tires are now off the floor, raised sufficiently (like on rhino ramps). I plan to place wooden blocks (the solid, kiln dried, 6" width blocks used for supporting residential outdoor wooden decks; I might have to stack several of these to obtain the height. When I have the desired height (plus a small extra height) of these wood blocks under the front tires, I plan to lower the tires onto these wood blocks, remove the floor jack, and swap in the jack stand - now, at the designated jack point. The small extra height will enable a smooth swap. I will need to calibrate the wooden block height to coincide with the jack stand engaged height.
I can leave the wood blocks with the tires resting on them, or remove them if they are obstructing. But, now the front is raised and supported by the jack stands (they are also the original Lincolns). I hope this posts correctly, and will appreciate comments/feedback. Thank you very much.
nikon_f2t, 27 Sep 2011