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F10 6NR BMW APPS Retrofit by Patrys - Post September Build Complete

Hello Everyone! I am proud to say that with the help of the guys at BimmerTech, we have successfully retrofit my 2011 F10 (Late Sep 2011 Build) with the full 6NR integration.

I do NOT have an iPhone. I am using an iPod Touch 4th Gen 64GB. The device is jailbroken to allow for Cydia in order to purchase the 4.99 app iBluever with On Demand. The Blackberry Torch 9800 that I have uses PDANET enabling the Bluetooth DUN, turning off Bluetooth on the iPod and using iBluever to connect to the Blackberry using its own Bluetooth communication. When not in a Wi-Fi zone, iBluever takes over and automatically jumps on the 3G enabled Blackberry for internet connectivity. The blackberry will say Modem Enabled at the top and be fully tethered to the iPod without pressing any buttons on either device. Once they are paired and On Demand is enabled in iBluever the rest is automatic. The connection also drops if the iPod senses or reaches a Wi-Fi area automatically. The apps below (that even require internet connectivity such as Pandora) never skip a beat during the switch over form Wi-Fi to 3G from the Berry and back to Wi-Fi.

Turning off the car the iPod is paused on whatever it is playing then getting out of the car and taking the blackberry with me the Bluetooth connection will eventually drop from the iPod, then returning to the car BT is auto-connected and iBluever On Demand brings up the 3G connection to the iPod once again. Then starting the car the iPod resumes right where it left off.

I also have this Blackberry connected to the car for Audio and Phone capabilities. A call pauses the iPod and hanging up resumes as you would expect. Also the Blackberry can handle the Bluetooth DUN connection to the iPod and the car at the same time for different services of course. The services for the Car from the Blackberry are Audio Sync, email messages, phonebook, calls etc. while the Bluetooth DUN connection enables for simply modem capabilities for the iPod. Therefore both Bluetooth devices can be connected to the Berry at the same time.

For those of you that want the flexibility of having the Full Office integration into the car, the Blackberry is the way to go here. It also allows for running your SlackerRadio, iHeartRadio, YouTube videos, Nobex radio and so on via Bluetooth audio. The iPod then handles the BMW Apps, web radio, music collections, video collections, and full iDrive compatible Pandora streaming without having to plug in and out your iPhone constantly when getting in and out of the car every day. Simply leave the iPod connected. Take your Berry and go, then return again for some more!!!
  1. A quick email to Patryk with the VIN allowed him to generate a quote and provide me with the information needed to perform this retrofit.
  2. I took a visit to the dealer for a software update (** BUT THE GUYS AT BimmerTech CAN NOW ALSO DO THIS REMOTELY NOW!!!**) as my current CIC software was as build in mid September 2010. An upgrade request to March 2011 was requested as it was believed to be that the basic iPod integration of my car would be fixed. (If playing an iPod playlist, turning off the car, leaving, returning to the car, the playlist continued on the last song played however looking at the list of music yielded improper results for track names and list. A jog over to "Current Playlist" brought the proper info over but was a bug. I explained that a CIC software update to March 2011 software would fix the problem). The issue remained but the software was now in accordance for the retrofit
  3. Patryk Promptly sent the required usb module, cabling and instructions.
  4. I completed the install from the information he provided and was a snap. Took about 3 hours of my time to install because i was very cautious, spent time cleaning and interest got me curious at several things on the way.
  5. Patryk remotely coded the vehicle enabling the 6NR integration in no time at all, disabled the NAV warning screen every time starting the car, and coding the side mirrors to fold upon a 2-3 second hold of the lock button. A simple hold of the lock button just locks the doors and if desired a hold will fold up the mirrors and unfold the moment the car is unlocked. In my case by grabbing for the handle the car unlocks and mirrors unfold with the keyless option.

Launching the BMW remote app (Free from Apple iTunes Store) will allow in ConnectedDrive to display Facebook, Twitter, Web Radio, and Calendar (Default calendar on iPod/iPhone will be displayed here. Not all Calendars on the device).

Launching Pandora from the iPod/iPhone will display the Pandora App in the same ConnectedDrive menu. Thumb up/down songs, set favorites, browse your stations etc.

From the ConnectedDrive menu you can also choose a much more user friendly view of the device called BMW Plugin. Plugin has some very nice features such as a quick playlist shuffle, use of your genius mixes, playlists, podcasts, and so on. A very nice feature is simply holding down the iDrive knob on any song playing in the current playback to show options for Artist, and best of all starting a new Genius mix from that song. Simply find a song for your mood and then hold down the iDrive knob and select start genius and you've got a new playlist of tunes similar to that one...

If you want to play video, goto CD external devices and find your cradled iPod icon (With Patryks retrofit NO CRADLE IS REQUIRED>>>ALL of these functions are enabled from the USB/Video jack that was replaced from the old USB/Aux module) select the video from the dropdown and find your content... podcasts, music videos, downloaded movies, or TV shows, etc.

Patryk, I can't thank you enough for making all of this happen, especially since a Retrofit is said to be not possible from BMW for Cars produced prior to march for the F10 and April for the X6.

Again no serious equipment is needed to be installed for those vehicles from Mid-September 2010 and onward. The Combox, CIC and all needed parts are their if you have the required options. If not Patryk can get you there as well.

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