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Talking 6NR retrofit complete

Hy ...

Just dropping a line from Brussels to thank Patryk for the successful retrofit of 6NR + internet in my BMW 520 (02/2011).. yes the car was build on 02/2011, still retrofit was possible. (I tought it was only after 03/2011 but maybe european market is different... )

The coding has been done remote.. (the car was in my garage).
I had to admit that it was a bit scary to give remote access and trust a "stranger", but everything went as he had told me...

Small problem with internet connectivity after the update, but Patryk give me extremely quick response, and it appeared to be a tethering problem with my Iphone. Tried with another Iphone and internet was there....

So if someone runs into this internet problem, here is what I tried.

(My Iphone 4 (IOS 5.0) only accepts tethering when the tethering settings page is on the display and drops the connection when back to home screen.
The other phone (also Iphone4, IO 5.0) does not have any problem..
I used another phone when Patryk told me: this must be a problem with my Iphone...

Many thanks to Patryk and Men at bimmertech.

And, if someone want more details, do not hesitate top contact me...