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I did it too. Excellent to work with Patryk. The only problem I had was not related to the installation, but I couldn’t get it to work after the installation was done. It was on and off for three days. Finally, it worked! There was a problem with the BMW servers, and the same thing happened all over Europe according to a BMW spokesman.

My setup: I use a Blackberry for the Office-functions and in-car phone. That phone is hidden in the boot and transfer via Bluetooth. In the center console, I have an iPod touch connected to the USB. The iPod runs the BMW Connected App, and is tethered over Bluetooth to my iPhone in my pocket. I can watch videos, music, etc. and BMW Apps, BMW Online, BMW Internet, and BMW Live from the tethered Touch.

Patryk is an expert. He is very responsive and know his stuff. My car was produced 09/2010, and the 6NR function is now implemented without changing the Combox. The installation was fairly easy, and took me 2 hours.