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Originally Posted by martin mustang View Post
Hi TunedIn, kind of late response from me but better than never, the SE model is the comfort option, in Ireland, UK and many other EU corners, the main reason for me was to get over not going for the M sport when ordering my car new, I guess my head did beat my heart back then the SE is some 5k cheaper than the M sport.
For differences, with the M you get match lower sport suspension with run flat tires as standard, in Ireland it was simply a big sacrifice on comfort (on the F10 no longer an issue).
I also went for 19 rims with normal tires so managed to even improve comfort as well as looks coming from 17 run flat tires.
The cost well slightly more expensive compare to an original order, but it somehow felt like new car certainly from the outside.
On the basis that I ordered a F10 M sport in less than a year after the conversion, it was a costly one, but I guess decision made by hart are simply that, I have no regret going for it simply because to me the E60 m sport is by far more aggressive and better looking than the F10 one I currently have.
Martin - Thanks for getting back to me and explaining what an SE model means in Ireland. Okay, so in Ireland SE means comfort option, and in Japan SE means Special Edition, as in 30th Anniversary DSB w/ M-Sport ! Could you explain a little more about why your E60 (even with the SE comfort option) was still more aggressive than your 2011 F10 ? Do you mean in appearance or in driving characteristics / performance ? Do you regret selling the E60 and buying the F10 ? Thanks.