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martin mustang

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Originally Posted by TunedIn View Post
Martin - Thanks for getting back to me and explaining what an SE model means in Ireland. Okay, so in Ireland SE means comfort option, and in Japan SE means Special Edition, as in 30th Anniversary DSB w/ M-Sport ! Could you explain a little more about why your E60 (even with the SE comfort option) was still more aggressive than your 2011 F10 ? Do you mean in appearance or in driving characteristics / performance ? Do you regret selling the E60 and buying the F10 ? Thanks.
In appearance of course, style wise, for the driving side well the F10 is a big jump forward in many areas, shame BMW opted for the electric power steering, I also made the switch to the auto gear box with my F10, with the pedals and all, I am afraid the manual gear box (my ex E60) is by far more fun.

When down to regrets, well not really I do like my F10 its a far more advanced car, and the quality of the interior is a big jump, still a good looking car, shame the M sport package front is not the same as the one with the M5, I like the front end of the M5 a lot, the air intake works better with the F10 kidney grille. What’s your opinion when down to comparing the E60 with F10, style wise?