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Originally Posted by martin mustang View Post
In appearance of course, style wise, for the driving side well the F10 is a big jump forward in many areas, shame BMW opted for the electric power steering, I also made the switch to the auto gear box with my F10, with the pedals and all, I am afraid the manual gear box (my ex E60) is by far more fun.

When down to regrets, well not really I do like my F10 its a far more advanced car, and the quality of the interior is a big jump, still a good looking car, shame the M sport package front is not the same as the one with the M5, I like the front end of the M5 a lot, the air intake works better with the F10 kidney grille. What’s your opinion when down to comparing the E60 with F10, style wise?
Well, here's the thing... I never liked the look of the E60 5-series, from the first time I saw it. The line on the trunk from the side view that makes it look like the trunk can slide right off the car, the taillights with a forced angle to them giving them a slanted look from the rear, the front headlights having too much "flame-surfacing", etc. Just didn't work for me. EXCEPT when the M-Sport package came out, especially in DSB, made the car look 100% better, to the point that I considered buying one to replace the 740i I owned at the time. Never did, though.

With the restyled F10 5-series, overall I like the basic design much better. It's a little bland perhaps, but I'll take a little bland over forced "edgy" styling any day. HOWEVER, the M-Sport package, while I like it a lot, isn't as dramatic an improvement on the F10 as it was on the E60. The thing I love about the F10 M-Sport is the 19" Light alloy Double-spoke wheels (style 351M). These look like a modern interpretation of the classic M-parallel spoke wheel that was exclusive to the 740i Sport Package for several years. The front air dam is an improvement, the rear I could keep from the non-M-Sport and be happy, the lower side cladding flares out a little bit, should be more. Bottom line, I want this car, but in a color that pops like DSB, and that isn't available with the M-Sport package. I'm going to see if the 30th Anniversary Special Edition the comes to the US, and if not, I'm leaning towards just giving in and paying the $5,000 special color charge for Le Mans blue.