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martin mustang

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Originally Posted by TunedIn View Post
Martin - P.S. - Why didn't you get a manual trans with your F10 ? Do you regret having gone with the 8-speed auto w/ paddles, since the manual E60 was "by far more fun" ?
Well you only realize this after a good amount of driving, test driving the auto felt good, and still good, but not as good as a manual, my F10 was in for couple of days due to some issue, and got a 3 series manual as a replacement, and it made me realize how fun the manual is. my wife switch also to an auto with her new X3 from a 320d, the same conclusion, so now the plan is we get a 2nd hand 3 series with manual gear box on top of our auto cars, just to get more fun out of driving from time to time.
Maybe this down to my F10 being my 1st auto car, and the fact that I am in the country side with 90% of my journeys on B roads, I spent 15 years in London, and for that kind of place the Auto certainly outperform the manual with all.

I am surprise about your opinion on the E60 style, when your current 7 series style is taking the E60 to an extreme, (Chrisís works), whatís surprise me more your comment on the 5 boot, looking at the 7 series itís even worst on it, not being part of the car. I agree with you on 1st time feeling, this is one reason why I like BMWís style, when 1st out they looks like a disaster, but with time they simply grow on you, and the older the better they look, something I do not find with Audiís.