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Originally Posted by martin mustang View Post
I am surprise about your opinion on the E60 style, when your current 7 series style is taking the E60 to an extreme, (Chrisís works), whatís surprise me more your comment on the 5 boot, looking at the 7 series itís even worst on it, not being part of the car. I agree with you on 1st time feeling, this is one reason why I like BMWís style, when 1st out they looks like a disaster, but with time they simply grow on you, and the older the better they look, something I do not find with Audiís.
Good points. For 6 years I drove a 2001 740i (short wheelbase E38) with the Sport Package, in Steel Blue with beige interior. This is by far the nicest looking sedan BMW or any manufacturer has ever made, in my opinion. The 2002 E65 introduced the ugly Bangle Butt to the world, and the entire car looked overweight and bloated. The 2006 styling changes lessened the ugliness of the trunk, but it's still not a very attractive car. HOWEVER, we needed a new car, so we bought a 2008 750i with the sport package in Monaco blue, Oyster interior. It's my wife's car, not my daily driver (I drive it when we go out on weekends). The proportions of the E60 5-series are better, it doesn't have that overweight look that the E65 has, but it also has been beaten by the Chris Bangle ugly stick.

Regarding your comment that the Chris Bangle BMW's look like a disaster at first but then you get used to them... I know exactly what you mean, however, that doesn't mean that they become attractive, good-looking cars. I've realized that although an unattractive car design can certainly "grow" on you over time and you learn to appreciate it, a truly beautiful automobile design looks gorgeous right on day one. This was true for my 2001 740i, the 2000-2003 M5, the 2012 650i (as opposed to the ugly Bangle-ized predecessor 645i), E90 3-series coupe, etc. If it needs to "grow" on you in order to look good, then it's not a good design, and you simply got used to seeing the bad design all over the place. IMHO.