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2011 550i dinan stg2 0-60 run (video)

Hi everyone
Finally i got the opportunity to change the tires to michellin sport and change the camber on the rear as it was to negative from the factory.
A did a couple of runs at sea leveland here are the settings and hints,
I can tell you the car took off like a rocket and barely had wheel
sea level ( South Florida)
Air temp 74
Lonely road 1 mile long
Auto H on .

I pressed auto H so at the time of the lauch would not be rolling start

I have been timing the video several times and from when the light of auto H comes off to 60 mph appears to be 4.4 to 4.5 sec
Please get your stop watch and give your input on the forum
BTW I think this run is as good as it gets.
Maybe i can still find a .1 or .2 somewhere.

Next stop Palm beach international raceway for the 1/4 mile run
Ill keep you posted.
Thanks for watching.