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Many thanks to the mods to rework this thread and rename it. I will not leave the forum bebause of it, I promise!

Originally Posted by JulieDriving View Post
Congrats! Your F11 looks terrific.
I'm sure moonstone looks even better in real life and that the pics do not do it justice.
Yes, you are right. Especially the different hues of the color depending if in or out of sunlight cannot be captured by the cam (or not by my cam)...

Originally Posted by ///FCB
congrats on the car, I actually like the color, it seems to have some sort of pearl effect.
any specific reason why you chose the gasoline over the diesel?
Yes there is a pearl effect, a little bit like the Mineral-White color.

We only drive 15000 kilometers per year max, so a diesel makes no sense for me. Even if the BMW diesels are really refined and you nearly do not hear anything about the ugly engine inside, a diesel is simply never as smooth as a petrol engine and I like higher revs also. And also I do not like the smell after filling it up. So to be honest it is mainly my wifes and my personal preference...AND I do not care about figures, because in any case there is enough power also with the 35i engine...
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