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Originally Posted by bickers1972 View Post
Dear all. Apologies as I have not looked at the thread for a couple of months & was staggered to see so many new issues.

By way of update, my tyres were sent to Goodyear for inspection. The subsequent report confirmed there was a technical fault & I was offered 55% of the cost of replacements as compensation. BMW customer services then agreed to make this up to 100% given the amount of chasing around that I'd had to do. I accepted this however stated that I would not agree to full & final settlement as clearly I wanted to see what wear had occurred after the next 12k miles. The cost of the KDS check was also refunded.

My next service is due next month so I await the inspection report with eager anticipation however I'm comforted by the fact that I changed to Pirelli P Zeros & this problem seems to be mainly affecting GoodYear Excellence.

Finally, I did speak to Goodyear after my tyres were inspected & asked if the tyres were unfit for purpose. They would not commit to an answer & re-confirmed the technical problem with my tyres.

Thanks for the update Rob. Very much appreciated. It will hopefully short circuit the investigation on my car. I cant help but wonder what the technical problem is with the Goodyear tyres. Given I had another pair 0f Goodyears fitted last week I also wonder if the same technical issue exist with these and if they are safe. Could you help me with the Goodyear contact details?
Many thanks