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Originally Posted by F11-Diesel View Post
You sound very sure that there are no other tools than the BMW computer.
And for sure that will be the information given by BMW.
If you do not mind I'll search along for another means, I hope you do not mind?
Some other questions:
How about the Bosch service center?
Will they allready know how to retract the system?
What is the built of the back brakes are they from TRW?
Sorry, I was only referring to your "hidden menu" question.
According to BMW technical literature there is none and they say the car has to be connected to ISTA to do the brake job.

But as you said, places like BOSCH Service centers may have the software.
All we can hope for for DIY jobs is that the Places that sell DIY OBD tools like Bavarian Technic have the correct software to activate the service function of the brakes

Unfortunately they are making DIY work very difficult
Please keep searching and keep us informed on what you find
BMW if you are reading, I need a job, Please.