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My New F11 is due next week and I'm trying to get everything ready. I think the best solution is using the iPod with Wi-Fi fed from a Mi-Fi for the Music and apps and leaving my phone for phone use.

Sharing the same signal from the phone to feed the iPod using either bluetooth or Wi-Fi would work but when you are in a 2G area and the iPod is using data the phone is seen as busy/in use and anyone calling you gets transferred to answer phone.

This leaves the problem of how to interface to the iPod. As I understand using the iPod connected to the USB and the Aux does not give all the features such as video. Using the iPod Snap-in also doesn't work with all the features (probably designed before the media features). I have read that it is possible to use the iPhone Media adapter with the iPod and it works electronically but the iPod needs to be blocked into the adapter to hold it in place. (Someone has apparently made a specially shaped wooden block to fit to his iPod to allow it to fit in the iPhone 4 Media adapter). So either I need purchase the iPhone Media Snap-in and then find someone supply an adapter for the iPod or to make one myself.
At the beginning of this Thread Steve's says that with Patrys's Upgrade he could connect his iPod without a cradle/snap-in and it connects to the USB/Video socket which replaced the USB Aux socket. Is this a BMW part or is it something that Patrys has made. Presumably there is some wiring loom involved. Does anyone have any info or pictures?
I'll also drop an email to Patrys and update you if I learn anything.