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Originally Posted by delvek View Post
Well said!

I am not sure where some of the other posters are getting their information from, specifically ACS doesnt drop much, many people have posted their photos including the link in my signature of the drop, the difference is that ACS makes performance of the springs paramount over looks. They do not design the springs so some high schooler can drive around with his mufflers scrapping on mcdonald parking lot speed bumps. You can read all over the forums that many customers who purchase springs like that are unhappy and swap them out, usually ACS.

As far as cost, you spent a pretty big chunk of change on your car, what is 500 - 800 dollars??? This is something that should not be a problem if purchasing a new BMW in the first place, my recommendation is to review the countless threads on this topic, there is a ton of information from all sorts of owners.
+1 I am going ACS..