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FS: 3M Scotchcal Carbon Fibre Vinyl Sheet 4 feet x (as many feet u want)

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3M Scotchcal Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap Film is a long-term, removable, dual cast film designed for solid color vehicle detailing. This film's pressure-activated adhesive allows it to slide and be repositioned until firm pressure is applied.

3M Scotchcal quality product has similar features to the 3M DI-NOC vinyl however is slightly thinner which allows for easier application to complex curved surfaces whilst still retaining the same finished look. It is a perfect choice for those who want to DIY using a more cost effective solution but still achieve a high quality finish.

Features :
Realistic 3D graphic contrast hi-touch embossed finish - real carbon fibre look.
Easy to use at home to cover just about everything. Flexible and easy to adhese to curved surfaces. stretchable.
Strong adhesion capability with bubble free installation.
Easy to cut. Easy to remove in event of mistakes.
Can be easily cleaned & maintained with detergent and water.
Long lasting - 4 year outdoor life, 10 year indoor life.

Mainly used for car detailing, but this product is very versatile and can be used on just about anything from covering laptops and mobile phones, to DVD/PC cases, furniture, and just about any other plastic or painted surface. Use your imagination!
Very realistic carbon fibre look at a fraction of the cost!

Easy Installation

This product is easy to install for most applications - simply peel and stick.
Surface to be covered should be clean and free from grease or other contaminants. Using alcohol cleaning wipes is an easy way to achieve this.
Heat can be used (eg Hairdryer or Heat Gun) to assist in making the vinyl more pliable for complex curves applications. It will also help to remove wrinkles and air bubbles.
Vinyl can be cut to size using scissors or blade.

i have a carbon fiber sheet that is 4feet x 100feet. i will cut carbon fiber length into any amount of feet that you need but it will be 4 feet width (eg if you need 10 feet i will give you 10feet by 4 feet length) it will be properly packed into a cylinder tube and shipped out so that there is absolutely no folds or bends in your carbon fiber sheet.

i am charging $10/foot which is going to be 4feet in length also. This is definitely the cheapest you will find it anywhere on the internet for brand name 3m carbon fiber. If you look on ebay or wherever else they sell this stuff you will be seeing at least 15-22/foot of brand name 3m carbon fiber. You can definitely find carbon fiber for cheaper but not 3m brand and thats what really makes the difference.

please take a look at my other posts on my work using this same material
in that post i am selling my trim/molding from my bmw f10 that i have wrapped using this same carbon fiber from this same roll. This stuff is truly amazing very easy to work with if mistake is made just reapply or take it off and heat it up so it returns to its normal shape and bamm you are back to normal. started 2 years ago just playing around with it after wrapping my 3rd car part i was already a pro, that's how easy this stuff really is.

in the next couple of days i will wrap my roof and rims with this stuff.

but if anyone needs $10/foot i am in staten island NYC if you want to pick up locally. i can ship the tube i need to put this stuff into to ship it out is $6 so that plus the shipping price.

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