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Originally Posted by top6491 View Post
How is the ride? Is the side sway reduced?
First off I have ARS, and I'll do a brief description on each mode.

Comfort: Feels a lot more like "normal" before the new springs. The ride is still smooth and I use this mode when the roads are uneven/bumpy.

Normal: A little more bumpier than comfort but no where near obnoxious. I find myself keeping it in this mode a lot more now as it's perfect for daily driving.

Sport: I used to keep it in this mode 100% of the time, but now I find myself only using it when I need to overtake someone or get somewhere quickly. On uneven roads the ride is obnoxious, pretty damn bumpy. However I am used to this as my last 3 cars were slammed with coilovers, but it's awesome that I don't have to be stuck with this one setting. On good roads this setting is totally fine; I live in CT with a bunch of potholes due to snow, so I'm sure if you live near flat roads that do not see snow you'll keep it on this setting all the time.

Hopefully this helps your decision!