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It is a real step up from the F10 in terms of overall experience, it makes the F10 feel cheap, and that is already a really nice place to be, which says a lot.

At the moment it is the only car in the BMW range I would want to buy.

I just decided against an F11 530d M-Sport today and put a deposit down on an E350cdi Sport Tourer instead.
It will be the first time in a very long time that I have not had a BMW on the drive, but after taking the F11 out again today realised it just isn't for me.

I would have bought a 5GT but my old man has one, and don't want to look like my Dad!!

By the way, already had an F11, my old man bought it and found it dull, so swapped for the GT, I had it off him and was bored of it after a week and so sold it and kept my E Class.

The GT is simply a 7 series with a hatch.