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Originally Posted by itschase View Post
Steve Jobs didn't die, he was hired by BMW. I'm disappointed that BMW would use basically the same CCC navigation system since 2004 in the 5 series, switch to CIC in 2009 and then sneak another update in for an auspicious year model. Apple may think this is a good business model, but eventually this leads to consumer fatigue - we are too afraid to buy a thing lest it become obsolete in a few months.

Say what you will, but no one buys a 5 series for practicality's sake. It is also about amenities and image - now I'm hesitant to say i'll definitely shop for another BMW in 3 years when my lease it up.
Nature of the beast my friend. Just buy when you have to and get the best you can at that time. You can't keep waiting and guessing on what the manufacturers will do. Pretend you didn't have all this insider information.
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