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Hi gents, let me chip in a little. I have investigated the features of Android and our F10 and thought i'd share what i know.

Natively, "official" Google bone-stock Android phones (Nexus One, Nexus S,Galaxy Nexus)
do not have bluetooth MAP support. However, OEM manufacturer phones, such as the above mentioned HTC Sensation, Galaxy S2, Evo 3D, HTC One X, which has the manufacturer's customized framework (HTC Sense, Samsung Touchwiz, MotoBlur) adds the bluetooth MAP profile.

Initially, when Android was in Froyo/Gingerbread version, applications were allowed to read the phone's SMS & Email database and displayed them on our F10 . However, Google is since locked down the email database and no longer allow it to be read, citing security concerns. Therefor, bluetooth MAP can now only show SMS on our car, no more Emails.

The other F10 office functions besides SMS/Email, such as Calender, Task, Agenda..etc... uses yet another bluetooth profile known as SyncMLServer , which no Android phone to date supports. It is however, supported by other makes of phones, such as BlackBerry, Nokia N9, Windows Phone.

Hope this explains why some phones work and some don't eventhough they are all running Android.

Another investigation i made is why songs Autoplay and Auto-restart-from-beginning for the A2DP connection. If anyone wants to know how to hack this on Android, let me know.