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Originally Posted by psyxologos View Post
Many thanks rubik. Very helpful post indeed. Please expand on the autoplay auto start story...
Alright my story is that i often listen to podcast while i am driving. One very frustrating thing that happeneds is that when i reach my destination and shut my F10 down, it disconnects and when i get in my car again, the current track i am listening to gets restarted from the beginning. I would be half way through my hour long podcast only to have it start from the beginning, which is extremly annoying. I want it to pick up where it left off, i tried different apps and all other stuff and it would not work. In the end, i found the perfect solution.

What happeneds is that when your phone connects to the car and if you are in the bluetooth source mode, the CAR sends a MEDIA_PLAY command to your phone. If you switch mode (say to FM radio) , the car sends a MEDIA_PAUSE to the phone. When you switch back to bluetooth source, another MEDIA_PLAY gets sent from the car to the phone.

Now when you turn your car off, the car sends a MEDIA_STOP to the phone, which tells the phone to stop the current track and reset it to the beginning of the track. What i did was (root needed) edit the file (only applicable to Android) edit the file /system/usr/keylayout/AVRCP.kl and changed bluetooth mapping for MEDIA_STOP to MEDIA_PAUSE. This is the perfect solution and fixes the reset problem and now behaves exactly how i want it.

Not sure if anyone else was encountering this 'problem'