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Picked up car Thursday lunch time. Got a cab to dealer so wife and I could both come back in it. Cab pulled up behind our new car and it looked amazing!

Sophisto Grey with gloss black trim and m-sport really suit the car.

Fortunately the outside of the car wasn't as large as I'd feared and sitting in it was noticeably more spacious and comfortable than our 318.

Paperwork took a short while, I got a reasonable deal for A-Glaze, tire & shortfall insurance with BMW.

The dealer explained the main features, I'd never seen many of the added features before. Head up display is impressive, comfort access means no need to get keys out to use car, put adjustable seats in roughly the right position to get home, but I'll need to play around to get them just right.

Closing the door makes a lovely clunk. The drive home was brief, left out of dealer, 10mins down a road and a right left to our place. 20mph in a straight line, but it handled effortlessly. Parallel parked on first attempt in what looked like a tight space (no park assist option) but I actually had loads of room.

Managed to drive 1 min on Friday up the road for lunch, wife drove back.

Im now stuck holding our 2 month old having his much needed morning nap. Wish I had the car manual on me to read...
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