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Originally Posted by LACSTER
Okay so with many pm's asking how to install these grilles I decided to go out today and do the process agian with pics so fellow members can see how easy this is to do. All you need is a Torx-20 screwdriver and about 20 minutes.

First off remove rubber strip in the center on the hood right in front of inside bumber.

Attachment 421827

Once done you should see two hex bolts underneath.

Attachment 421828

Now you can start removing the 6 hex bolts using the Torx-20 screwdriver. The 2 in the center is straight forward but the two right on top of each headlight has a cover the needs to be removed first.

Attachment 421830

There's two clips/locks holding the cover in place. All you need to do is with you fingers just pull the center pin up ( real easy )

Attachment 421831

Below. Repeat on other side

Attachment 421832

Once all screws are removed you'll need to pull the center of the front bumper forward to remove chrome grilles. There's nine clips holding it to the bumper. With one hand just pull the grill out on the portion of the grill where you are pushing the clip down with your other hand.

Attachment 421833

Attachment 421834

Once both grilles are removed you'll see this.

Attachment 421835

Now time to install BMW Performance Grilles.

Attachment 421836

Side by side comparison.

Attachment 421837

Time to put everything back. The two hex bolts on top of the headlights need to be put on first before the clips/lock pins.

Attachment 421838

Then place the clip/lock pin in and press down then put lock pin in to secure.

Attachment 421839

Attachment 421840

The center piece removed in the beginning need to snap back in.

Attachment 421841

Now the extra....... Painting silver trim near the fog lights.

All you have to do to remove the mesh is take two fingers and pull forward on each corner to remove the mesh.

Attachment 421842

Unclip the three parts holding the trim to the mesh.

Attachment 421843

Attachment 421844

Attachment 421845

Paint trim with matte black or gloss spray paint. Your choice. I used matte black then reverse process and install.

Attachment 421846

Here's the completed look.

Attachment 421847

Hope this helps all the DIY'er.

Thanks for the. DIY