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DIY request for 520d exhaust tip replacement

I have the stock chrome exhaust tips and since I have opted to remove all traces of chrome on my car (the grilles went first, then comes the exhaust tips and then the fender trim). I purchased the BMW OEM black chrome tips but am a little hesitant on how to tackle the task of removing the stock tips and installing the black ones securely.

I found some help in this thread but I'm not very sure how to trickle WD40 between the tip and the exhaust pipe "from behind". The tips have the ridged metal claws as seen in the photos in the linked thread and they seem quite not meant to be removed. Usually the removable kind would have screws, right? I would ideally like to remove the stock chrome exhausts without any damage.

Any help towards this would be great. I can ask my dealer to do this too but I'd like to have the option of doing it on my own.