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Cinnamon Leather & corresponding dashboard

Hi guys,

I'm hoping someone can help me here.

The BMW configurator, and every picture I can find of the Cinnamon leather shows the bottom part of the dash (below the trim) as a similar colour to the leather.

The brochure I picked up this morning from the dealer mentions the option is Cinnamon/black, which based on his recommendation of going for Oyster/black would suggest this bottom part of the dash should be black.

The dealer was less than clear to be honest, but then it's not his money!

Can anybody clarify whether the configurator and pictures are in face correct, or whether this was a change to the spec at some point & the online build your Beemer has not yet been changed.

Much as I like the oyster, it just feels a little predictable and was thinking about something different; but the plastic colour is putting me off a little. On my prior E60 it was only the seats not the dash that changed colour.

The ideal would be someone with the seats able to let me see them before I order!

Thanks in advance