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i have 22" lexani lx-10 and i am getting a vibration at 70mph unless i turn the steering wheel to the left/right quick and then speed up to 75 then it kinda goes away a little. i think i need this rings. but i dont know what i need to use to measure, just a regular tape measure would work? i am not smart with these things. would discount tires(or america tires, same company different name) /bell tires know about this and know how to do it? where do i measure from? sorry for all the dumb question but i spent a lot of money on this rims and the expensive TPMS and the result i get is a car that i cant enjoy or have people in the back. i will NEVER buy a 22'' rims again for this car.

so much regret but got to experience it to learn.

thanks in advance i also apologized if i am thread jacking.