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27,000 miles!!!! You bet you had a failure!!!!!

There is no way a heavy, rear-wheel drive car can last on OEMS tyres for as long as that without failure - these tyres are not inter-galactic black circles!!!
Most suffer an enormous deterioration of driving feel, increase in stopping distances, reduced safety thresholds in aquaplaning-prone surfaces and winter-driving on frosty/icy conditions anywhere after 4mm.

Also if you do a lot of city-driving, tight car-park manoeuvres and low-speed turns; the camber on those wheels tends to wear out the outer edge of the tyres more is what I am advised.

Tyres are expensive, and I totally get we want most for our money, but i do worry about safe tyres out there! Less an inssue with BMW drivers but i do worry about all those Peugeots, Citroens, Vauxhalls and Fords on skinny tyres.