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Question how to remove F10 door handle?

I am trying to vinyl wrap my F10, but I got stuck by the door handle bar.

I know the access to the screws because I found this youtube, but I am stuck; When I open up the rubber seal, I saw a deep gap in between two metal frames (the exterior metal panel and the interior metal panel). I am afraid if I unscrew the hex screw and pull it out, it would fall inside the door between the two panels. If that happens, I have to take the door apart, which is very undesired.
If I don't remove the screw, but just push the screw so the rubber piece(cover for grip) I could push the rubber out a bit, but it doesn't completely come out.

I am scared of breaking anything on the handle, but does anyone know how to get the handle bar out? Also, when I am pulling the handle bar, I could still feeling the pull back force even after I unscrew the hex screw; I was wondering even if I get the rubber piece out, how do I get the door handle bar out? It seems like the handle is still connected to a spring.

If anyone know any video tutorial online for F10, that would be super...

Thank you in advance!