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Originally Posted by shehatezme View Post
Thanks Will. I know the rears will definitely fit but the front is what I am worried about. But the next size up for the front is a 20x9 et35 which is not aggressive enough and I would not want to run spacers. I have heard Sonic MS recommend 20x9 et20 for the front in the following thread.

I assume that they fit with the right drop and tires. By the way, how concave from your CH-Rs with that offset?

The concave is good on the CH-Rs...more so on the rears of course. Between the +24 and +29 fronts I'm not sure how much or if any difference in the concaveness there is though.

+20 doesn't seem outside of the realm of working since the +24 fits good from what I have seen, but as you mentioned it will be affected by type of drop and tires.

If you don't want to run spacers, which I can understand, then you might just have to bite the bullet with the +20....if I end up doing 5mm spacers on my front, I might try a 8 or 10mm just to test the clearances, but I don't foresee getting around to doing that anytime soon.

Good luck and let me know what happens on your end
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