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Originally Posted by gerbs View Post
Who is "the majority?"

Also, just because BMW uses a platform hardly means it's 'the best'.

A responsible company would develop and integrate across multiple platforms. Especially for something like an automobile which is used by literally hundreds of thousands of various consumers; all with varying preferences in their mobile device choices.

...You should know this, being in software development...
I am so happy you can use google.

Read this:

Stated in this article:

"Both of the top two operating systems managed modest gains but Apple more than doubled Android's growth with the Google OS seeing a 0.8 point during the three months while iOS added 1.7 percent over the same period."

Also as stated before it cost alot of money and not very feasible. I never stated anywhere that apple has a higher percentage user than android. It will surpass android devices, I personally think. They both have pros and cons.

When I talk about majority I am trying to refer to an article. I wish I could find that article, it was done stating that majority of BMW owners own iphone devices. Which is probably why they went that route.