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Originally Posted by Xcution View Post
Here another link I found. Not the article but a thrad/poll from BMW owners.

Stated in the thread:

" just recently left iPhone and went for the Samsung Galaxy S2. Feeling all smug thinking it was 'superior in every way' n all that but it's utter shite, not sure if it's the phone or the operating system but needless to say I'll be getting rid soon and going back to iPhone. Can't beat iPhone, no matter what all the phone snobbery says"

BMW owners:

Iphone: 69%
Other smart phones (probably windows and android): 31%

I don't think a poll where only 13 people voted is enough to give a statistic like that. Apple will always be a top dog in this industry, but Google is chipping away at them at a pretty fast rate. Just look at all of these silly patent lawsuits that are going on. Things like that are indications that Apple is starting to get worried about how far Android can go. In the end and as we all know, it all really comes down to personal preference for these phones. So let's just hope the BMW app for Android comes sooner then expected so we can all be happy!