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Originally Posted by hydermirza12 View Post
Lol... you do realize that Android has almost double the market share compared to Apples iOS... you must still be living in 2008...
I think it has more to do in that its a stable platform.

No not in the software aspect, though it is stable, can't comment on Droid because I have never used it.

I say stable in the matter which the life cycle of the form factor is. The same reason why all the droid guys bitch that there is not enough aftermarket selection for accessories as there is for Apple.

Simply, companies do not want to spend the money to design tons of cases and accessories for a model of phone that will be replaced in under 3 months.

With apple they can count on average 2 years of the form factor remaining unchanged and a couple more years after that of people still using that phone.

I would not be surprised if you never saw a single BMW cradle for android phones unless one of the manufacturers starts to follow the steps of Apple. Longer life cycle with a mid cycle refresh.