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At least they are making one for Android. Where are the Symbian users :P

As far as iOS vs Android, that is a bad comparison. It is better to say iOS6 vs Jellybean/ICS and the number of phones on the market running that. How many android phones are still running froyo, yet are still counted in the official "Android phones" in circulation?

Anyhow, comparing people's preference for developing on Apple vs Google is best compared to developing for the xBox vs PC. Both are originating from Microsoft, but developing a game for an Xbox 360, you know exactly that everyone's running standardized hardware, so its easier for you to ring the most performance out of your game because you know the limits on the hardware that will be running it.

Flip to PC. We might both be running Windows 7 Ultimate, but yours is running an Intel sandy bridge, 2GB of staples budget memory and a 50GB 5400RPM hard drive loaded with bloatware and maybe some spyware for the hell of it. My Win7 machine is running a top tier Ivy bridge processor with 8 cores, 24GB of Crucial memory and a 256GB SSD RAID0 paired to two 2TB Raptor drives in RAID 0.

Its going to take them longer to code their game for the PC so that you and I can both have an enjoyable experience. Now if they just coded it for a rig with my specs, I guarantee the game would visually blow your mind and consoles out of the water. The trade-off is not many people will buy it because of the exorbitant system specs.
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