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Originally Posted by gerbs
Originally Posted by Xcution View Post
Sounds like a lot of wishing...I think apple will further surpass android and window and will stay on top for a long time.

Don't get me wrong they each have their pros and each his own. I think the majority will agree with BMW (since they only use the best) that they made the right choice.
Who is "the majority?"

Also, just because BMW uses a platform hardly means it's 'the best'.

A responsible company would develop and integrate across multiple platforms. Especially for something like an automobile which is used by literally hundreds of thousands of various consumers; all with varying preferences in their mobile device choices.

...You should know this, being in software development...

US only data as of July, 2012:

US Only data as of February, 2012:

Global data as of July, 2012:
No offense, but posting graphs derived from raw data doesn't mean anything if you don't analyze that data further. You need to be able to interpret the data or you'll always be susceptible to data manipulation. To use this data and make a business decision off if it would be a huge mistake.
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