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That was a great explanation Alan. Think you'll go crazy with meth and DP's on your F10 eventually?

Just a small update on my tune. Approx 600 miles on it now and not a hiccup. The car is fully adapted and when flooring it from a stop or in lower gears I really feel a difference. I think it's really hard for us N54 guys to fairly judge this tune because the 400(ish)rwhp my E92 puts down is dramatic, and this 5er feels quite sane. I can say that I am glad I had a chance to put close to 5K miles on my F10 before tuning it so I had a baseline feel to compare it to.

I don't know how my car stacks up against others but 2 nights ago I was driving up PCH through Malibu and a new AMG E-Class was beside me at a red light. His lane ended after the intersection so he floored it at the green. I knew I had zero chance but decided to give him a run, and he didn't get more than a car length on me through 1st gear. I backed off after that because I like my insurance rates. This week my plan is to run out the tank and finally try the 100 octane/map2 combo.