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Originally Posted by fhinfo View Post
Hello everyone!

I got the brand new F10 but I am kind of sick with no rear fog light in my car. I believe most of European cars are equipped rear fog lights. BMW does that, too. However, for the US market, Most of them delete rear fog light for some reasons. Even though the rear fog light is pre-installed already.

So, for the current F10 in the US, the light control panel should look like this

I did so many researches on the internet globally and finally I found this used part from UK.
Then I got it today and swapped the original one. After the easy modification, the control panel looks like this.

On the dashboard, when I turn on the rear fog light, it will show the indicator that I never see before, which is the rear fog light

And, you can definitely see the "light" on the back!

I think this is a easy modification cause it is not programming required, just plug and play! Hope this is helpful for everyone!
Thank you for posting the video, I had the old switch out and the new switch in very quickly. The whole process took all of about 10 minutes.