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Originally Posted by remmib View Post
If you want to keep the EDC, you need to drop it by just changing the springs.
But all the pics I've seen of such drops, it looks like a mild drop of 2-3cm. So I doubt it wil get you into trouble in snow or over speedbumps.

Coilovers will change the EDC dampers too, so that function won't work anymore.
Lads, can I clarify your terminology cos I want to drop my F10 535 and I think we might refer to things a little differently here in Oz. What you refer to as Dampers we might call Shock Absorbers (??) and what you call Coilovers we might call Springs (??). Is that right or are you referring to something else ? My 535 is Standard (i.e. not an M Sport), it's not an XDrive, and doesn't have Adaptive Drive (i.e. EDC or Comfort). From what I have read from this forum, the ACS (AC Schnitzer) might give me the best effect (drop without loss of ride quality) but I'm unsure if I need to do anything else and would appreciate your guidance .
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