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My 535i (f10) has the shadow trim too. In the meantime, I ordered gloss black badging, side marker trim and front grills.

I ordered a black roundel kit from a guy in Japan. I've vetted him/his product out over the last few days, via email, and decidied to purchase his kit.

I plan on attempting to pull off the exhaust tips this weekend and am going to have them high-temp tolerant powder coated in gloss black.

Check out this pdf link: They offer a nice write up on how to change existing badging to an alternative. I know you have no badging currently, as a reference for the new badging you've ordered. However, you could use the blue trim painters tape referenced, on another BMW like yours, to mark the tape. Then, you could peel it of and reposition it on your car to have the guildine/reference you need to accurately secure your new badging.

Piece of cake!

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