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Originally Posted by darrko View Post
Thanks for the link, very informative. I'm going to make an attempt sometime next week.

About the exhaust tips: I ordered the OEM shadow tips from BMW but I seem to be having trouble taking off the stock tips. I was advised to simply pull them off but so far I have found them to be very resilient and they just refuse to come off, which leads me to wonder if I'm doing it wrong. Please let me know if you manage to pull it off (pun intended) and maybe share how you did it.
Wow, I didn't realize BMW made the tips in black! I'd rather buy them from the dealer than deal with the hassle of having them powder coated.

Do you mind saying how much you paid for them?

In the meantime, I read an older post where they squirted a few shots of WD-40, from behind the tip, inbetween the tip and the tail pipe. Then you just give it a good twist. Once it breaks loose and gets a bit of the WD-40 between the pressure clips, that press up against the tail pipe, it slips off easily.

What I plan on doing is using a rubber dishwashing glove to wrap around the outside of the tip to get a secure (non-slip) grip and then just use a little muscle for the twist.

Let me know how the lettering goes. Apply the tape, to make a frame around the lettering of the sample car. Draw your guidlines. Then, peel it off in one entire piece. Then, just reapply to your car and you should be good.

Just checked with my dealership. The black exhaust tips for my 300hp twin turbo run $65 each.

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