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Would BMW consider fixing the throttle response lag on F10's

As I was reading more about the various reviews around F10/535, it became obvious that almost every review stated the same issues around the car's performance. The common theme was the throttle response and how long it took the car to actually start accelerating. Obviously, Audi A6 in most of the review came out the winner and I'm disappointed that BMW has not addressed this yet. What I would like to know is if there are enough complaints to BMW NA, they would actually consider releasing some kind of software update to address this issue. It would be kind like installing maybe a JB Stage 2 kit (not that I've tried it myself yet but I'm just going by the blogs out there).

If anyone is familiar and/or know of such process, let me know and I can get the ball rolling... I guess I should have done my homework with test driving the competition before jumping into the 535