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Hi alan and BMW, you both are correct. My front wheels stick out a few cm from fender while my back wheels' rims stick out from the tires. And yes alan, all the tires are marked "K1".

Regarding the back wheels, all I'm asking from Morr is to make sure they had given me the correct size (9x10 instead of 9x10.5) of the rims, I believe they should have record of their sales. If 9x10 is what Morr gave me, then I know it's Jorge who bought me the wrong set of tires. I need to know which side made their mistake.

Now the front wheels, I really have no idea why they stick out like that. I tried not to stop beside police cars at traffic light now just don't want them to pull me over.

Jorge asked me to unmount all the wheels to verify the size of the rims but I refused. I don't see the reason why I need to pay the extra money and time to go to my technician to unmount the wheels and tires then mount them up again just to verify the size, which these all should be done before they ship the wheels to me.

Lastly, I want to say Jorge was really helpful along. He tried to help as much as he can even in his honeymoon vacation.