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Originally Posted by remmib View Post
Alan I. how does your wheel fitment look compared to OP's fitment??
Does your wheels stick out like that too?
My front setup is identical to the OP's. 20x9 wheel on a K1 245 40 PSS tire. On stock suspension the front does look like it stuck out pass the fenders a few mm but its not the wheel, it is the tire. All of the Michelin K1 Ferrari spec tire has this HUGE rim protector lip that protrudes out on the side wall. I'm talking about a good few mm pass the edge of the wheel. This is what the OP is seeing and same with my car. Once i dropped the car on ACS springs the wheel cambers in a little making it look more flush with the body.

Look at the wheel furthest away. This is my setup which is identical to the OP's except for my rear tire isn't a K1 spec.

MORR only makes ONE size wheel for the F10 20x9. Look at Kevin's setup here....looks pretty flush and might even be able to squeeze a small spacer in there. Why? because he's not running PSS tires with that massive sidewall protrusion.

Here is my car before my ACS springs. If you look closely you can see how the K1 tire sticks out way pass the wheel edge.

Now heres a pic of my car after the ACS springs. Again notice how my rear tire looks square on the wheel. This is because i swapped out the K1 tires for a non K1 tire in the back.

Some of you guys have a vendetta against MORR because of another HK members incident which is your choice but don't clutter up this thread with false information screwing with the OP's question.

OP - I can guarantee that if you switch out your K1 tire for anything else out there this will 1) eliminate the stretch look in the back and 2) eliminate how the tire protrudes out from the fenders up front. Morr makes their wheels with aggressive fitments and its the consumers responsibility to do their research if they like the look of the wheels. There's plenty of F10's running this setup around and nobody has issues. You have Michelin to thank for all this. I was lucky and caught this whole K1 and non K1 tire thing before i mounted the tires on the wheels. Unfortunately there isn't a non K1 tire for the front so i had to run with it. Looks perfect to me once you get a slight drop.