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Originally Posted by Alan l. View Post
You are right. I just saw this on tirerack and they finally released the non K1 tire in that 245 35 20 size but the load rating is only 91Y. where did you see that the F10 required at least 93?

Lucky for the rears the load rating is the same between the K1 and non K1 tire (99Y)

Here in Norway the registration document from the DMV has lots of technical information about the car.
Like weight, size, type of vehicle, engine size, emission, tire size, wheel size, offset and load index.

And I saw a registration document for a F10 520d, and it sad LI 93.
But I also saw one for a F11 520d, and it sad LI 96. Don't know why the F11 is listed as high as LI 96, shouldn't be that much heavier.

BTW, for my e90 it says LI 87.

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