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Originally Posted by ksqrd View Post
Ship is now off the North Carolina coast and making nice progress.

Definitely tell them about the front plate...or they will drill the bumper. South Motors, where I purchased, apparently routinely avoid the front plate. I also specified no dealer logos, etc. Why no wash--won't there be some dust from transit?

I'm guessing early next week. I'm still planning on arranging pickup the 25th for my own logistic reasons, assuming everything stays on track.

Are you planning on tinting your car? I'm considering a moderate ceramic tint for heat, mainly. If so, any ideas about a shop?
My dealer is the arm of South Motors in Broward - same company. They told me the same thing - that they do not screw in the front plate.

I don't want them to wash the car because they likely towel dry. Since I got the jet black, I don't want to start out with swirls in the clear coat from all of the bits of residue in their towels.

I am going to have the dealer tint the windows. I would like the tint to be dark. Apparently, they only tint the windows to the legal limit, so that is what they will do. According to my rep, the front and back side windows both do not come with any tint on them so there is no need to compensate the front to be the same darkness as the back and vice versa. So I will essentially be using the same 28% tint on all windows, including the stripe down to the AS1 line on the windshield.

I haven't given any thought about ceramic versus metallic tint. Ceramic is more heat resistant? I want to be sure that the tint looks as black as possible to match the paint of the car, I do not want any reflectivity to it.